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Terms of use

General requirements (for FOREIGN merchants).
  1. Using PayAnyWay service foreign merchants agree they have read and completely agree to all the terms and conditions of the Agreement according to which interaction is carried out with non-resident companies of Russia. In accordance with Point 6.5.1 of the Agreement tariffs shall be specified on individual basis by decision of Management Board of NCO. Using PayAnyWay service merchants agree they have read and completely agree to all the terms and conditions of Agreement. Please follow the link to create a foreign based merchant account.
  2. The recipient of payments via PayAnyWay service can be only a company or a Sole Proprietor.
  3. Any information provided by the merchant must be accurate, complete and true.
Requirements for merchant website or application (for FOREIGN merchants)
  1. Goods or services on merchant website or application must be legal in Russia and the country of its registration.
  2. Merchant website must not use free hosting service.
  3. Legal information about merchant must be available to customers without their registration, including legal name, address, Tax ID, etc.
  4. Merchant’s contact information must be available to customers without their registration, including obligatory phone number and email address.
  5. Merchant website or application must be fully functional and have relevant content. Merchant website must not contain error pages (corresponding to HTTP codes 301,302,401,403,404,502), links that do not correspond to business logic, links with redirection other than claimed on the website, pages or links redirecting to other websites (unless such redirection is reasonably clear).
  6. Information about payment processing via PayAnyWay service must be made available to customers without their registration with the merchant, including description of payment process, delay between payment and order delivery.
  7. Merchant must make available the documents necessary for making a deal with customers in compliance with law (agreement or/and other documents).
  8. If goods or services belong to trademarks, an official confirmation from trademarks is required as proof that products or services are not counterfeited. This can be done by displaying licenses or permits from trademarks or its representatives, state-issued licenses, etc.
  9. Merchant website must contain information about security measures for card transactions, refund policy, product return policy and dispute resolution as required by Russian legislation. Example information:
    Security of card transactions is ensured by the use of data transfer over HTTPS and can also be safeguarded by two-way authentication of 3D Secure technology.
    In accordance with the federal law on Protection of Consumers Rights, if you have been provided with a service or purchased a product of inappropriate quality, your money can be returned to the bank card with which the payment was made initially.
    Refund policy: (refund policy must be posted here or a link to the page with information on refund policy).
  10. In case online store provides its customers with the information on official dealer (or exclusive) relations with suppliers, NCO may request confirmation of such relations.
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